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Product Description

Product Description


Hangyu High Precision Power Press Main Performance and Characteristics:

The high-rigidity body is designed, the high-quality steel plate is used for welding, and the stability and reliability of the precision of the whole machine are high by relieving the internal stress:
I . The precision machining is high, the noise is low, and the comprehensive clearance is low;
II. The symmetrical six- -face long guide rail of the sliding block is used for guiding, so that precision is         high, and the operation is stable;
III. The adjustment of the mold height is precision, safe, convenient and reliable.
Product Parameter :

Specification APA-25 APA-35 APA-45 APA-60 APA-80 APA-110 APA-160 APA-200
Capacity 25  35 45 60 80 110 160 200
Rate tonnage point 3.2 3.2 3.2 4 4 6 6 6
Speed changing 60-140 40-120 40-100 35-90 35-80 30-60 20-50 20-50
Stroke 70 70 80 120 150 180 200 200
Die height 195 220 250 310 340 360 460 460
Slide adjustment 50 55 60 75 80 80 100 110
Presses weight 2.1 3 3.8 5.6 6.5 9.6 16 23

APA Series High precision Power Press Main Features
Hangyu APA series power press is high precision punching machine , this model has better precision and efficiency than traditional JF SERIES punching machine.
Vertical crankshaft, 
compact structure,
crankshaft after forging high-frequency quenching grinding, 
smooth finish, 
flexible rotation; 
rectangular six-side extension of the guide, 
high precision guide, 
the upper table and the slider with a screw connection.

Detailed Images:

Pneumatic Clutch
It has more advantages than traditional mechanical clutch power press. Pneumatic clutch gives this machine higher performance and makes the machine safer and more energy-efficient.

Frequency Converter
Brand: DELTA
Original: Tainwan
This machine can adjust the punching working speed by this Frequency Converter, so it will have better performance and lower power dissipation than other noraml model machine.

Pneumatic system 
Original: China
Two spare air sources. The gas pressure fluctuation of the gas storage tank is in the range of 15% to 20%, and a safety valve is arranged on the gas tank. The main air source of the press has pneumatic triplex, and the important parts such as clutch, brake and balance cylinder have oil mister.

Security Control Section
Original: China
Including safety warning lights, pressure protection switches, lubrication fault check switches, flywheel brake release in place switches, press top dead center stop protection, line oil-proof, anti-wear, press power cut-off button (installed on the main operation panel) , emergency stop and emergency stop reset operation, etc .


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Hangyu Machine Tool Ltd. are professional in metal proccessing machine industry. CHINAMFG Machinery Limited is professional on manufacturing mechanical power press, pneumatic power press, hydraulic press, press brake, shearing machine, plate bending and rolling machine, profile bending and rolling machines. We have 18 years experience on manufacture metal working machines and we export our machines to all the CHINAMFG market and have the best response from customers.
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Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are a manufacturer and a trader in the same time.

Q2: What’s the lead time?
A: It usually takes about 30-45 days for production depending on your order quantity.

Q3. What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
A: only 1pc ,but if you need OEM services, please contact with us before you send order.

Q4: Do you accept OEM order?
A: Yes, we can. Welcome to do OEM. Please contact us to talk about the details.

Q5: What’s your payment terms?
A: We usually accept T/T as the main payment terms, and other payment can also be negotiated.

After-sales Service: Warranty of Core Components 24 Month
Warranty: 24 Month
Type: 180°Hinge
Finish: Chrome Plated
Material: Metal
Product Name: Apa Mold Making CNC Machine Metal Stamping Punc


oudoor furniture

How do I secure my garden furniture to prevent it from tipping over during windy weather?

Securing your garden furniture is important to prevent it from tipping over during windy weather. Here are some methods you can use to secure your furniture:

1. Weighted Bases or Sandbags:

For lightweight furniture such as chairs or small tables, consider using weighted bases or sandbags. These can be placed on the furniture’s legs or base to provide additional stability and prevent tipping. Make sure the weights are securely attached or positioned to avoid any accidents.

2. Anchoring Systems:

For larger furniture pieces or items that are prone to tipping, using anchoring systems can be highly effective. Anchoring kits are available in hardware stores and typically include straps, cables, or brackets that can be attached to the furniture and secured to the ground or a sturdy structure like a wall or deck.

3. Staking or Ground Pegs:

If your garden furniture has legs or supports that can be inserted into the ground, consider using stakes or ground pegs. These can be driven into the soil to provide additional stability and prevent tipping. Ensure that the stakes or pegs are securely anchored and properly inserted into the ground.

4. Windproof Umbrellas and Canopies:

If you have umbrellas or canopies as part of your garden furniture, choose windproof options that are designed to withstand gusty conditions. These typically have sturdy frames, reinforced joints, and vented canopies that allow wind to pass through, reducing the risk of tipping.

5. Storage or Temporary Removal:

During severe or stormy weather, consider storing your garden furniture in a secure, covered area or temporarily removing it from exposed areas. This can prevent damage caused by strong winds and ensure the safety of both the furniture and your surroundings.

6. Regular Inspections:

Regularly inspect your garden furniture for any signs of wear, damage, or loose components. Tighten screws, bolts, or joints as necessary to maintain stability. Replace any damaged parts or repair weak areas promptly to prevent tipping accidents.

7. Positioning and Layout:

When arranging your garden furniture, consider the layout and positioning to minimize the impact of wind. Place taller or heavier furniture pieces against walls or other sturdy structures to provide additional support. Avoid positioning furniture in open, exposed areas where wind gusts are more likely.

8. Weather Alerts and Precautions:

Stay informed about weather conditions in your area and take necessary precautions when severe weather is expected. Bring in or secure your garden furniture well in advance to prevent damage caused by strong winds or storms.

By implementing these measures, you can help secure your garden furniture and minimize the risk of tipping over during windy weather. Remember to assess the specific needs of your furniture and adjust the methods accordingly for optimal stability and safety.

oudoor furniture

Are there any sustainable or recycled garden furniture options available?

Yes, there are several sustainable and recycled options available for garden furniture. These eco-friendly alternatives help reduce the environmental impact of furniture production and promote the use of recycled materials. Here are some examples:

1. Reclaimed Wood:

Reclaimed wood is sourced from old structures, such as barns, warehouses, and railway sleepers, and repurposed into garden furniture. Using reclaimed wood helps reduce the demand for new timber and minimizes deforestation. Additionally, it adds a rustic and unique character to the furniture.

2. Recycled Plastic:

Garden furniture made from recycled plastic is a popular sustainable choice. It is typically manufactured from post-consumer plastic waste, such as recycled bottles and packaging materials. Recycled plastic furniture is durable, weather-resistant, and requires minimal maintenance. By using recycled plastic, it helps reduce plastic waste and promotes a circular economy.

3. Bamboo:

Bamboo is a fast-growing and highly renewable material that can be used to make garden furniture. It has a similar appearance to wood and offers comparable strength and durability. Bamboo furniture is often treated to withstand outdoor conditions and can provide a sustainable alternative to traditional wood furniture.

4. Metal Furniture with Recycled Content:

Some metal garden furniture is manufactured using recycled metal content. This involves using recycled metals, such as aluminum or steel, in the production process. Choosing metal furniture with recycled content helps reduce the energy and resource requirements associated with mining and refining new metals.

5. Upcycled Furniture:

Upcycled garden furniture involves transforming discarded or old furniture into new, functional pieces. This can include refurbishing and repainting existing furniture or creatively repurposing materials to create unique designs. Upcycling reduces waste and gives new life to furniture that might have otherwise been discarded.

6. Sustainable Certification:

Look for garden furniture that carries sustainable certifications or labels, such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for wood products. These certifications indicate that the furniture is sourced from responsibly managed forests or meets specific sustainability standards.

7. Local and Artisanal Options:

Consider purchasing garden furniture from local artisans or craftsmen who prioritize sustainable practices. Local sourcing reduces transportation emissions, supports local economies, and allows for direct communication with the makers to ensure sustainable production methods.

When selecting sustainable or recycled garden furniture, it’s important to ensure that the materials used are durable and suitable for outdoor environments. Additionally, consider the overall lifecycle of the furniture, including its end-of-life disposal options.

By choosing sustainable or recycled garden furniture, you can contribute to a more environmentally friendly outdoor space while still enjoying beautiful and functional furniture.

oudoor furniture

Can garden furniture be repurposed or refurbished for a fresh look?

Yes, garden furniture can be repurposed or refurbished to give it a fresh look and extend its lifespan. Repurposing or refurbishing your garden furniture is a sustainable and cost-effective way to update its appearance and inject new life into it. Here are some ideas and techniques for repurposing or refurbishing garden furniture:

1. Paint or Stain:

One of the simplest ways to transform the look of your garden furniture is by painting or staining it. Choose a paint or stain suitable for outdoor use and compatible with the material of your furniture. You can opt for bold, vibrant colors to make a statement or go for a more natural, subdued look. Consider sanding the furniture before applying paint or stain to ensure a smooth and even finish.

2. Reupholster Cushions:

If your garden furniture has cushions, reupholstering them can make a significant difference in its appearance. Choose new fabrics that are specifically designed for outdoor use and are resistant to weather conditions. Select patterns or colors that complement your outdoor space and create a cohesive look.

3. Replace Hardware:

Updating the hardware on your garden furniture can instantly refresh its look. Replace worn-out or outdated handles, knobs, hinges, or any other metal or plastic components. Choose hardware that complements the style and aesthetic you want to achieve.

4. Add Decorative Accents:

Consider adding decorative accents to your garden furniture to give it a unique and personalized touch. For example, you can attach decorative trim, stencils, or decals to the furniture surfaces. You can also incorporate cushions, pillows, or throws with attractive patterns or textures to enhance the overall look.

5. Repurpose with a New Function:

Think creatively about repurposing your garden furniture for a new function. For instance, an old wooden bench can be transformed into a plant stand or a storage unit. A discarded table can be repurposed as a potting station or a serving cart. Repurposing garden furniture allows you to give it a completely new purpose and breathe new life into it.

6. Combine Different Pieces:

If you have multiple pieces of garden furniture that don’t match, consider combining them to create a cohesive and eclectic look. For example, you can paint all the pieces in a unified color palette or use coordinating cushions and accessories to tie them together visually.

7. Restore Natural Materials:

If your garden furniture is made of natural materials such as wood or rattan, consider restoring their natural beauty. Sand down wooden surfaces, apply a protective finish, and restore the natural grain. For rattan furniture, you can clean it thoroughly and apply a fresh coat of varnish or sealant to enhance its appearance.

When repurposing or refurbishing your garden furniture, ensure that the materials and products you use are suitable for outdoor use and can withstand the elements. Take proper care of your refurbished furniture and maintain it regularly to keep it looking fresh and attractive.

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