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Product Description

If you like wood, you must like our furniture wood much more.
PS furniture wood is CHINAMFG from different blends of thermoformed plastics, foaming compounds, and selected process additives. It is a perfect institution for real wood in furniture and landscape application. It not only has the natural wood texture, but also has better outdoor properties than real wood. For the actual installation, this material can be drilled, cut, sanded, planed and screwed. What is more, normal wood tools and techniques can be applied. Compared to the real wood, our CHINAMFG can provide UV resistance, free maintenance, water-proof, termite resistance, eco concepts and non deformation.

Unique performance to CHINAMFG furniture wood

Characteristic PS Furniture Wood Wood
Moisture resistance ★★★★ ★☆
Rot resistance ★★★☆ ★☆
No cracking ★★★
Dimension stability ★★★
UV resistance ★★★★★ ★★
Maintenance free ★★★☆
Coloring fastness ★★★☆
Long-termed durability ★★★☆ ★★
Optional size or colors ★★★★ ★★
Corrosion resistance ★★★★ ★★
Environment friendly ★★★ ★☆
Cost efficiency ★★★☆

Product details

Material: Polystyrene Furniture Wood

Color Options:
Surface Treatment:

Product Features
· Polystyrene (PS) plastic wood
·  Good property: waterproof, damp-proofing, termite-proofing, mildew-proofing, UV-proof,
·  Good surface feeling (same like wood), can be sawed planed, glued and nailed
·  Customized shapes are welcome, easy installation, maintenance-free
·  With RoHS mark, green product and environmental-friendly
·  Recyclable
·  Mainly used outdoor furniture,  hotels, offices, colleges, workshops and residences

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Packing& Shipping

Product Profile

Module Size(mm) Module Size(mm) Module Size(mm) Module Size(mm) Module Size(mm)
width height width height width height width height width height
MHJ001 20 10 MHJ034 48 φ MHJ067 65 14 MHJ100 90 35 MHJ133 140 14
MHJ002 22 15 MHJ035 48 15 MHJ068 65 15 MHJ101 90 90 MHJ134 140 14.6
MHJ003 25 15 MHJ036 50 10 MHJ069 65 16 MHJ102 94 14 MHJ135 140 15
MHJ004 25 20 MHJ037 50 12 MHJ070 65 20 MHJ103 95 12 MHJ136 140 25
MHJ005 25 23 MHJ038 50 14.5 MHJ071 65 24 MHJ104 95 13 MHJ137 140 30
MHJ006 27 13 MHJ039 50 15 MHJ072 66 17 MHJ105 95 14 MHJ138 140 40
MHJ007 30 15 MHJ040 50 17 MHJ073 70 15 MHJ106 95 15 MHJ139 145 13
MHJ008 30 25 MHJ041 50 20 MHJ074 70 16.3 MHJ107 96 10 MHJ140 147 20
MHJ009 33 15 MHJ042 50 25 MHJ075 70 19 MHJ108 96 14.5 MHJ141 148 10
MHJ571 34 12 MHJ043 50 28 MHJ076 70 35 MHJ109 96 15 MHJ142 150 35
MHJ011 35 15 MHJ044 50 30 MHJ077 70 70 MHJ110 96 20 MHJ143 152 19
MHJ012 35 20 MHJ045 50 50 MHJ078 70.5 13 MHJ111 96 25 MHJ144 157 16.3
MHJ013 35 25 MHJ046 55 10 MHJ079 71 12 MHJ112 96 30 MHJ145 160 10
MHJ014 36 20 MHJ047 55 13 MHJ080 71.5 10 MHJ113 97 16.7 MHJ146 160 15
MHJ015 37.6 30.2 MHJ048 55 12 MHJ081 74 14.5 MHJ114 100 10 MHJ147 162 30
MHJ016 38 φ MHJ049 55 15 MHJ082 74 15 MHJ115 100 12 MHJ148 180 15
MHJ017 38 15 MHJ050 55 20 MHJ083 75 15 MHJ116 100 15 MHJ149 180 20
MHJ018 38.6 15 MHJ051 55 30 MHJ084 76 19 MHJ117 100 20 MHJ150 180 25
MHJ019 39 40 MHJ052 58 13 MHJ085 78 10 MHJ118 100 25 MHJ151 180 30
MHJ571 40 12 MHJ053 58 15 MHJ086 80 15 MHJ119 100 40 MHJ152 180 32
MHJ571 40 14 MHJ054 60 12 MHJ087 80 80 MHJ120 100 50 MHJ153 180 40
MHJ571 40 14.6 MHJ055 60 12.8 MHJ088 84 19 MHJ121 100 60 MHJ154 190 35
MHJ571 40 15 MHJ056 60 15 MHJ089 85 13.6 MHJ122 110 7 MHJ155 197 14.5
MHJ571 40 30 MHJ057 60 20 MHJ090 85 14 MHJ123 110 12 MHJ156 200 25
MHJ571 43 10 MHJ058 60 25 MHJ091 85 14.5 MHJ124 110 13 MHJ157 220 14
MHJ026 43 21 MHJ059 60 30 MHJ092 85 14.6 MHJ125 110 14.5 MHJ158 220 15
MHJ571 45 3 MHJ060 60 40 MHJ093 85 15 MHJ126 110 15 MHJ159 266 10
MHJ571 45 14.5 MHJ061 60 50 MHJ094 85 20 MHJ127 114 19 MHJ160 280 15
MHJ571 45 15 MHJ062 60 60 MHJ095 85 60 MHJ128 120 14 MHJ161 280 17
MHJ030 45 16 MHJ063 63.5 19 MHJ096 87 10 MHJ129 122 14 MHJ162 300 20
MHJ031 45 25 MHJ064 65 5 MHJ097 90 15 MHJ130 122 15 MHJ163 320 15
MHJ032 46 10 MHJ065 65 12 MHJ098 90 25 MHJ131 122 20 MHJ164 420 180
MHJ033 47.5 30 MHJ066 65 13 MHJ099 90 30 MHJ132 140 13 MHJ165 600 15

About us
MexyTech Co., Ltd has been in eco business for more than 9 years. Right now, we have been a company combining R&D, design, production, recycling, marketing in one. Nowadays, CHINAMFG have
20 production lines and a R&D testing lab. Moreover, our products are very popular to many Countries.
Furniture wood was a new product series launched in 2008. After 9 year’s technical research and marketing development, our furniture wood can CHINAMFG CHINAMFG superiority over real wood due to the CHINAMFG outdoor properties. Our products can not only be customized according to different market demands but also provide stable quality. Therefore furniture factories would like to build long-termed partnership with us. Most of our products are supplied to local and foreign furniture factories.

Our advantages:

1. Good quality: CHINAMFG own a R&D lab and we will test every batch of products to make sure that our products are first-class.

2. Controllable delivery time: we get 20 production lines for different models.

3. Outstanding service: CHINAMFG believe customers oriented principle, so we will make sure our clients can get 100% support from us.

4. Complete product system: CHINAMFG provide all accessories and fittings for our products. Our clients can DIY with our installation guide.

5. Company backup: all kinds of certificates, installation guides, job-reference for clients.
 If you need more information on this new product, please contact us. /* March 10, 2571 17:59:20 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Material: Polysyrene
Style: European
Usage: Outdoor, Garden
Folded: Unfolded
Customized: Customized
Condition: New


oudoor furniture

Are there any child-friendly outdoor furniture options for families?

Yes, there are several child-friendly outdoor furniture options available for families. These options prioritize safety, durability, and functionality to create a suitable outdoor space for children. Here are some examples:

1. Plastic and Resin Furniture:

Plastic and resin furniture is a popular choice for families with children. These materials are lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to stains, making them ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, they are often available in a variety of bright colors and playful designs that can appeal to children.

2. Rounded and Soft Edges:

When selecting outdoor furniture for families with young children, consider furniture with rounded and soft edges. This helps minimize the risk of injuries in case of accidental bumps or falls. Look for furniture sets that have smooth, curved edges and avoid sharp corners.

3. Adjustable and Stackable Furniture:

Opt for outdoor furniture that is adjustable and stackable. This allows you to customize the furniture arrangement based on your family’s needs and provides easy storage when the furniture is not in use. Adjustable chairs and tables can accommodate children of different ages and sizes.

4. Weather-Resistant and Easy to Clean:

Choose outdoor furniture that is weather-resistant and easy to clean. This ensures that the furniture can withstand exposure to the elements and can be quickly cleaned after messy outdoor play. Look for materials such as treated wood, aluminum, or synthetic wicker that are known for their durability and low maintenance.

5. Picnic Tables and Benches:

Picnic tables and benches are excellent options for families with children. They provide ample seating space and are often designed with durability in mind. Look for picnic tables with attached benches or benches with backrests to ensure comfortable seating for children.

6. Outdoor Bean Bags and Cushions:

Outdoor bean bags and cushions can provide a fun and comfortable seating option for children. They are lightweight, easy to move around, and can be placed directly on the ground or on outdoor rugs. Look for bean bags and cushions made from water-resistant materials that are suitable for outdoor use.

7. Shade Structures and Umbrellas:

Consider adding shade structures or umbrellas to your outdoor space to protect children from direct sunlight. This allows them to enjoy the outdoor furniture comfortably and reduces the risk of sunburn. Look for umbrellas with adjustable heights and sturdy bases for added stability.

8. Play Equipment Integration:

Some outdoor furniture options can be integrated with play equipment, such as tables with built-in sandboxes or chairs with attached swings. These multi-functional pieces of furniture can provide additional entertainment for children while maximizing the use of outdoor space.

When selecting child-friendly outdoor furniture, it’s important to prioritize safety, durability, and age appropriateness. Consider the specific needs and preferences of your family to create an outdoor space that is enjoyable and safe for children of all ages.

oudoor furniture

Are there any DIY projects for building custom outdoor furniture pieces?

Yes, there are plenty of DIY projects available for building custom outdoor furniture pieces. If you enjoy woodworking and crafting, creating your own outdoor furniture can be a rewarding and cost-effective option. Here are a few DIY project ideas for building custom outdoor furniture:

1. Adirondack Chairs: Adirondack chairs are classic and comfortable outdoor seating options. There are numerous plans and tutorials available online that provide step-by-step instructions for building Adirondack chairs from scratch. You can customize the design, size, and finish to match your outdoor aesthetic.

2. Pallet Furniture: Repurposing wooden pallets is a popular DIY trend for creating outdoor furniture. With pallets, you can build various pieces like benches, sofas, coffee tables, and even vertical gardens. Look for pallet furniture plans and tutorials that provide guidance on dismantling and assembling pallets into functional and stylish furniture pieces.

3. Outdoor Dining Table: Building your own outdoor dining table allows you to create a custom piece that fits your space and style preferences. You can choose from various materials such as reclaimed wood, cedar, or treated lumber. Look for plans that provide detailed instructions on construction techniques, sizing, and finishing options.

4. Hammock Stand: If you enjoy lounging in a hammock, consider building a hammock stand. This DIY project typically involves working with wood or metal to create a sturdy and stable structure to hang your hammock. Plans and tutorials are available to guide you through the construction process.

5. Outdoor Bar Cart: Building an outdoor bar cart can be a fun and practical DIY project. You can construct a mobile cart with storage for drinks, glasses, and other bar essentials. Look for plans that include details on materials, measurements, and assembly instructions.

6. Outdoor Bench: Building a bench for your outdoor space provides additional seating and can be a versatile piece of furniture. You can create a simple or intricate design based on your skill level and preferences. Look for bench plans that provide guidance on dimensions, joinery techniques, and finishing.

7. Planters and Trellises: DIY planters and trellises can add both functionality and beauty to your outdoor space. You can build custom-sized planters to fit specific areas or construct trellises to support climbing plants. Plans and tutorials are available for different styles and materials.

When undertaking any DIY project, it’s important to prioritize safety. Ensure you have the necessary tools, materials, and skills for the project. Follow the instructions carefully and take proper safety precautions, such as wearing protective gear and working in a well-ventilated area.

oudoor furniture

What are the best materials for outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements?

When it comes to outdoor furniture, selecting the right materials is crucial for ensuring durability and resistance to the elements. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Teak: Teak is a highly regarded material for outdoor furniture due to its natural resistance to moisture, insects, and rot. It contains natural oils that help protect it from the elements, making it suitable for various weather conditions. Teak furniture can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain without warping or deteriorating, making it a popular choice for outdoor settings.

2. Aluminum: Aluminum is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant material, making it ideal for outdoor furniture. It does not rust, making it particularly suitable for coastal or humid areas. Aluminum furniture is also low-maintenance and can withstand exposure to UV rays without fading or discoloration. Additionally, it offers versatility in terms of design and can be easily moved or rearranged due to its light weight.

3. Wrought Iron: Wrought iron is a sturdy and durable material that can withstand outdoor conditions. It is highly resistant to wind, rain, and sunlight. Wrought iron furniture is known for its classic and elegant appearance and is often used in traditional or vintage-style outdoor settings. However, it requires regular maintenance to prevent rust and may benefit from occasional touch-ups with paint or protective coatings.

4. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Wicker: HDPE wicker is a synthetic material commonly used in outdoor furniture. It is made from high-density polyethylene resin, which is resistant to UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. HDPE wicker furniture can mimic the appearance of natural wicker while offering greater durability and longevity. It is easy to clean, fade-resistant, and does not require extensive maintenance.

5. Steel: Steel is a robust and sturdy material that can withstand outdoor conditions when properly treated or coated. Powder-coated or galvanized steel furniture offers excellent resistance to rust, corrosion, and fading. Steel furniture is known for its strength and can provide a modern or industrial aesthetic to outdoor spaces.

6. Recycled Plastic: Furniture made from recycled plastic, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), is an eco-friendly choice that can withstand outdoor elements. Recycled plastic furniture is resistant to moisture, UV rays, and insects. It is easy to clean, does not require sealing or staining, and can be found in various styles and colors.

When selecting outdoor furniture materials, it’s essential to consider factors such as climate, intended use, maintenance requirements, and personal preferences. Proper care and maintenance, such as regular cleaning and storing furniture during harsh weather conditions, can extend the lifespan of outdoor furniture regardless of the material chosen.

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