China Good quality Durable Multi-Layered Platform Vertical Garden Plant Grow Rack System with Airflow Vertical Aeroponic System vacuum pump distributors

Product Description




FarmAero is an innovative aeroponic growing system that enhances the aeroponic design, creating a resilient root growth environment for plants while reducing maintenance for growers.

FarmAero comes in 2 types to meet different needs: the Multi-Layered Planting System (FAM) and the Single-Layer Planting System (FAS).


Model:FAM2-4 Model:FAS5

About Aeroponics

Aeroponics, hailed as the most efficient advanced planting technique in today’s agricultural sector, is at the forefront of modern farming technologies. It not only conserves significant water resources and enhances fertilizer absorption rates but also achieves minimal fertilizer waste. According to studies by Stoner (1983) and NASA (2006), the aeroponic system excels in reducing labor costs, water usage by 98%, fertilizer usage by 60%, and eliminating the need for pesticides and herbicides in root areas. Furthermore, it maximizes plant yields by 45% to 75%, surpassing both hydroponic and geoponic systems.


UniFarm S

UniFarm L

For all kinds of dwarf plants with similar growth conditions to leafy greens For all kinds of medium-large plants such as cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, okra, and so on.


Reinfa’s Aeroponics

  • More Resilient Root Environment for Plants
  • Less Maintenance Workload for Growers


FarmAero distinguishes its aeroponic technology by prioritizing plant growth through meticulous design features and innovative aeroponic technology. The optimization of planting container design, careful selection of nozzles, and precise control of water collectively contribute to a more resilient root environment. This not only enhances the cooling and oxygen volume of the planting container but also minimizes the risk of clogging, ultimately reducing maintenance tasks for growers.


Features of FarmAero

Maximize Energy Efficiency  •     Optimize Fertilizer Efficiency    •     Elevate Work Efficiency


FarmAero M

An innovative multi-layer aeroponic cultivation system tailored for commercial medical plant growers. Built with a user-centric approach, this system optimizes the growing experience across 5 key aspects: aeroponic device, light lift, in-rack airflow system, LED grow lights, and a movable multi-tier grow rack. The result is an enhanced cultivation process, improved yields, user-friendly operation, and low maintenance – a game-changer for commercial medical plant cultivators.


Boost yields: How FarmAero M Amazes Commercial Indoor medical Growers with Innovative Aeroponic Vertical Farming Technology

FarmAero S

A Single-Layer Planting System (FAS), coupled with Reinfa’s rolling bench, provides users with a sophisticated yet cost-effective aeroponic option.


Data of FarmAero for a 1200 Feet Grow Room

Suppose the room size is 40 feet long, 30 feet wide


Model:FAM2-4 Model:FAS5


Invest in equipment and solutions that truly help you achieve that goal

Each project demands a tailored solution, meticulously crafted to address the specific constraints and opportunities at hand, not merely a theoretical ideal. By thoroughly comprehending both the limitations and potential of available resources, we formulate optimal operation plans.

Our custom-made indoor farming equipment precisely aligns with the agreed-upon solution proposal, meticulously tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, objectives, and budgetary constraints.

Reinfa empowers indoor farm owners and investors to maximize productivity while minimizing energy expenses, facility investments, and labor costs as much as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, Reinfa proposal is non-binding. We would be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.

About Reinfa

We are Reinfa, a professional manufacturer of vertical farming equipment, committed to providing innovative solutions for indoor farmers.

Our equipment is designed to optimize your yields and reduce costs, while ensuring your plants receive the right nutrients, light, and water. Our systems prioritize ease of use, reliability, and low maintenance, so you can focus on growing healthy crops.

At Reinfa, we understand the importance of efficiency in indoor farming, and that’s why our equipment is designed with you in mind. Our systems are easy to use and backed by excellent customer support, ensuring that you can operate with confidence.

Reinfa is a team with passion and belief in global indoor agriculture development. We believe that only passion and belief can lead us to extraordinary achievements.

Join us, to bind together, to share 1 goal – MAKING INDOOR FARMING SUCCESSFUL MORE THAN EVER !

Our service solutions go beyond products

Our team of experts are experienced in horticulture, lighting, environmental control and more, and offer services in every stage of the process – from plHangZhou to implementation and tracking to troubleshooting. We are invested in helping you succeed!


Reinfa Team

Reinfa consists of a talented team who are passionate about world agriculture development. We are a team that enjoys indoor farming ourselves and would love to share happy farming experiences with global growers and farmers; we are a team that takes high responsibility for every client’s trust.

At Reinfa, we work for our loving things, everyone is encouraged to develop and exploit their potentiality of creation, and everyone is motivated fairly nicely for every achievement they reach here. Reinfa is a platform that delivers happy work and happy life to all members.


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Layer: Customized
Application: Wheat, Rice, Corn, Peanut, Tubers, Beans, Trees
Application Field: Agriculture
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Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

oudoor furniture

What are the latest trends in aluminum garden furniture designs and styles?

The world of aluminum garden furniture is constantly evolving, and there are several exciting trends in designs and styles. Here are some of the latest trends:

1. Minimalist and Contemporary:

Minimalist designs with clean lines and sleek profiles are gaining popularity. Contemporary aluminum furniture often features minimalist aesthetics, emphasizing simplicity and functionality. These designs create a modern and uncluttered look in outdoor spaces.

2. Mixed Materials:

Combining aluminum with other materials, such as wood, rope, or fabric, is a popular trend. This fusion of materials adds visual interest and texture to the furniture. For example, aluminum frames paired with wooden accents can create a warm and natural feel.

3. Outdoor Lounge Sets:

Lounge sets are in high demand, offering comfortable seating arrangements for relaxation and socializing outdoors. These sets often include sofas, club chairs, ottomans, and coffee tables. Aluminum lounge sets with plush cushions provide a luxurious and inviting outdoor seating experience.

4. Modular and Sectional Designs:

Modular and sectional furniture allows for versatility and customization. Aluminum garden furniture with modular designs enables users to rearrange seating configurations based on their needs and preferences. This flexibility is especially appealing for those who like to change their outdoor layout frequently.

5. Curved and Organic Shapes:

Furniture with curved or organic shapes adds a touch of elegance and softness to outdoor spaces. Aluminum garden furniture featuring rounded edges, curved backs, or flowing contours creates a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

6. Bold Colors:

While classic neutral tones remain popular, bold colors are making a statement in aluminum furniture designs. Vibrant shades like deep blues, rich greens, and warm oranges are being used to add personality and create focal points in outdoor settings.

7. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Designs:

In line with the growing emphasis on sustainability, there is an increasing demand for eco-friendly aluminum furniture designs. Manufacturers are incorporating sustainable materials, such as recycled aluminum and responsibly sourced wood, and adopting environmentally conscious production practices.

8. Outdoor Dining Sets:

Outdoor dining sets continue to be a staple in aluminum furniture designs. These sets typically include a dining table and matching chairs, providing comfortable and stylish seating for outdoor meals and gatherings. Designs range from traditional to modern, catering to various aesthetic preferences.

These are just a few of the latest trends in aluminum garden furniture designs and styles. Whether you prefer minimalist, mixed materials, lounge sets, modular designs, curved shapes, bold colors, sustainable options, or outdoor dining sets, there is a wide range of options available to suit your personal taste and create a stylish outdoor living space.

oudoor furniture

How do I prevent mold and mildew from developing on aluminum garden furniture cushions?

To prevent mold and mildew from developing on aluminum garden furniture cushions, you can take several preventive measures. Here are some effective methods to consider:

1. Proper Storage:

When not in use, it’s essential to store your aluminum garden furniture cushions properly. Make sure to remove the cushions from the furniture and store them in a dry and well-ventilated area. Avoid storing them in damp or humid environments, as this can encourage mold and mildew growth.

2. Regular Cleaning:

Regularly cleaning your aluminum garden furniture cushions is crucial for preventing mold and mildew. Use a mild detergent or specialized fabric cleaner to clean the cushions, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Scrub gently with a soft brush or sponge and rinse thoroughly with water. Allow the cushions to dry completely before placing them back on the furniture.

3. Adequate Air Circulation:

Proper air circulation is essential to prevent mold and mildew growth. Avoid covering the cushions with impermeable materials, such as plastic or vinyl covers, for extended periods. These covers can trap moisture and create a favorable environment for mold and mildew. Instead, use breathable covers or consider removing the cushions during periods of high humidity or rain.

4. Use of Moisture Barriers:

Consider using moisture barriers between the cushions and the furniture to prevent moisture buildup. There are various options available, such as waterproof cushion covers, moisture-resistant fabric liners, or adding a layer of waterproof material between the cushions and the furniture. These barriers can help repel moisture and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

5. Regular Inspection:

Regularly inspect your aluminum garden furniture cushions for any signs of mold or mildew. Check for visible stains, discoloration, or musty odors, which may indicate the presence of mold or mildew. If you notice any signs, take immediate action to clean and treat the affected areas using appropriate mold and mildew cleaners or solutions.

6. Sun Exposure:

Exposing your cushions to sunlight can help prevent mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew thrive in dark and damp conditions, so placing your cushions in direct sunlight periodically can help dry out any moisture and inhibit their growth. However, be cautious not to expose the cushions to excessive sunlight for extended periods, as it can cause fading or damage to the fabric.

By implementing these preventive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of mold and mildew development on your aluminum garden furniture cushions. Regular maintenance and proper care will help ensure that your cushions remain clean, fresh, and mold-free, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space comfortably.

oudoor furniture

Are there eco-friendly or sustainable options for aluminum garden furniture?

Yes, there are eco-friendly and sustainable options available for aluminum garden furniture. When shopping for environmentally conscious choices, consider the following:

1. Recycled Aluminum:

Look for aluminum garden furniture that is made from recycled materials. Using recycled aluminum helps reduce the demand for new raw materials and minimizes the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. Some manufacturers specifically highlight their use of recycled aluminum in their products.

2. Sustainable Manufacturing Practices:

Choose brands or manufacturers that prioritize sustainable manufacturing practices. Look for certifications or labels such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC), or Cradle to Cradle that indicate a commitment to responsible sourcing, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and other sustainable practices.

3. Low-impact Coatings:

Consider aluminum garden furniture that uses low-impact coatings or finishes. Traditional painting and coating processes can involve harmful chemicals and contribute to pollution. Opt for furniture that uses eco-friendly, water-based or powder-coated finishes that have lower environmental impact.

4. Longevity and Durability:

Choose aluminum garden furniture that is built to last. Investing in high-quality, durable furniture reduces the need for frequent replacements, which in turn reduces waste. Look for furniture with solid construction, reinforced joints, and corrosion-resistant features to ensure longevity.

5. End-of-life Considerations:

When selecting aluminum garden furniture, consider how it can be recycled or disposed of responsibly at the end of its life. Look for furniture that is designed for disassembly, making it easier to recycle or repurpose the different components. Some manufacturers may provide recycling programs or guidance on proper disposal.

6. Local and Handcrafted Options:

Support local artisans or craftsmen who create aluminum garden furniture using sustainable practices. Choosing locally made furniture reduces transportation emissions and supports local economies.

7. Second-hand and Vintage:

Consider purchasing second-hand or vintage aluminum garden furniture. This option extends the lifespan of the furniture and reduces the demand for new production. Look for local thrift stores, online marketplaces, or community platforms for pre-owned furniture.

By considering these eco-friendly and sustainable options, you can make more environmentally conscious choices when selecting aluminum garden furniture. Remember to research brands, certifications, and manufacturing processes to ensure that the furniture aligns with your sustainability goals and values.

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